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Goddard Shop


Check out this Post Frame Shop that's not just big but smart and adaptable for all sorts of work. Spacious Design for Versatile Use. Offering a grand space of 42 feet by 60 feet, this shop provides plenty of room for any job. With a 14-foot ceiling height, it's perfect for storing tall equipment or high stacking. Durable Exterior Meets Comfortable Interior. We've clad the exterior in metal 12 feet 6 inches high to withstand tough weather. Inside, you get a workspace that's both roomy and welcoming. Quality and Longevity is key at HRI. We use the best materials for a shop that's built to stand strong over the years. Customization Is Our Specialty. Need something unique? We tailor our spaces to fit your specific requirements. Why Choose HRI's Post Frame Shop? This isn't just another building; it's a workspace designed to be exactly what you need, lasting well into the future.

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Post Frame Buildings

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